Water, Water, Everywhere!

This summer has been the summer of swimming for my daughters.  Though they’ve always liked the water and Grandma’s pool, they’ve spent most of their previous summer’s days splashing around on the steps.

However, every summer they learn a bit more and get a bit more daring, and so we knew that this was destined to be the summer of swim lessons.

Of course, all parents will tell you their kids were incredibly cute during their swimming lessons.  No need to reiterate that one for you, blog readers…

But, can all parents show you shots like this…not only the cute swimming shots, but their 3 year old and 4 1/2 year old jumping off the diving board IN THE DEEP END, without a life jacket?

Of course not.

Come on…you know you wish your kids were as cute as mine right now…and they’re bloody good swimmers, at that.


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