Historic Steps

This week, we will finally be moving into our new house!  Our belongings arrived from England, miraculously, and two weeks early, at that!  We’re still without a washer/dryer, so I don’t imagine we’ll stray too far from my mom’s house, but we are planning to start sleeping in the new house this week, and I couldn’t be more excited.

As much as I love my mom’s house, it will be so nice to get settled, instead of just being on vacation.  I know, I know…is there such a thing as too much vacation?  Actually, I think there is, and I’m almost there.  I’m ready to stock the fridge, to start cooking again (gasp!) and even to do some cleaning and organizing in my own house.  I’m ready for the girls to get into a routine, though I know they won’t be completely settled until Marcus returns to work at the end of August.

I’m ready for the next step.

I find myself sitting here though, and as I get ready for the next step, I’m longing for parts of the old step…parts of our home in England.  One of our favorite pasttimes as a family was exploring.  We loved seeing abbeys and castles and walking through gardens.  We loved the history of it all, and it made up our weekends.

I’m missing that, and I wonder what we can do or where we can go here in America to recreate that.  I know we live so close to DC, but neither Marcus nor I feel the draw to walk around and explore it.  So we’re at a loss.

Maybe this will be a part of our life that stays behind.  We’ll find a new family activity.  But until we do, I’ll long for what we’re missing.

I suppose that’s always the way.


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