Writing Milestones

Today has been a milestone day for me on Associated Content, which I was really excited to share with all of you.

First, I gained my 100th fan today.  Granted, it was an AC employee, but it doesn’t change the facts of the matter.  100 people follow my Associated Content writing on a regular basis.  I’m incredibly proud of that!

In addition, I did a little bit of math today.  I have written 477 articles for Associated Content.  358 of them were published on Associated Content and have earned me page views as well as an upfront payment (I did a few freebies in my early AC days).  That means that 119 articles were written for partner websites, meaning that my work can really be found across the Internet thanks to Associated Content.  I’ve had pieces published at mommy.com, life123.com, cycling.com, dentalplans.com, and a variety of other websites.  Some of those 119 pieces were written for the Internet Broadcasting Company, and were distributed to a variety of markets and used as news pieces.

Not only did the math lead me to realize how much of my writing is out there, but I also couldn’t resist a little math about my AC earnings.  In the 20 months that I have been writing for Associated Content, I have averaged almost $10.50 per article.  This includes the freebies that I have submitted, as well as plenty that were published in my early days for $3 to $5.  When you factor in the fact that I spend between 20-60 minutes working on an article, depending on the piece, the topic, and the publisher, I am bringing in well above minimum wage for my writing at Associated Content.

I am really proud of myself!  Add in the fact that I’m still working on my book, querying article ideas to magazines, and exploring other online writing ventures, and I finally feel like I can call myself a writer without a second thought.  And that’s pretty exciting.


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