National Day of Prayer

Tomorrow marks America’s National Day of Prayer.

National Day of Prayer Slight by White House a Sign of Things to Come?

What are your feelings about Obama’s decision to keep the National Day of Prayer quiet, with little White House support?  Is this something to be expected by the President’s Administration?  Will it help him or hurt him and his support/approval ratings?

It’s funny, because I’ve never considered myself a deeply religious or spiritual person until the past year or so.  But now…well, I do.  And I find it hard to believe that in a country where the majority of people believe in a higher power, the President of the United States seems to be getting more and more hands off where religion is concerned.  I don’t need the President to believe exactly what I believe….but I do need him to believe.  And I worry that this is a move meant to further alienate conservaties and Christians and to gain him more support by atheists, agnostics, and liberals.

Separation of church and state means no government sponsored religion.  I get that.  But encouraging prayer doesn’t, in my opinion, fall into that category.

President Obama shows himself as more left every single day…and with Supreme Court appointments looming, I won’t lie and say that it doesn’t make me a little bit nervous about his potential to appoint someone with a liberal agenda instead of a deep routed passion and understanding of the laws of our country.


8 thoughts on “National Day of Prayer

  1. Read Matthew 6:5-6.

    President Obama seems to be taking Christ’s injunctions on this issue seriously.

  2. You know we have differing political viewpoints, but you also know we have very similar faith. I don’t know how I feel about this specifically, but I have to say it is refreshing to me to have a President right now who may remain quiet about his faith but will still take great care to provide a silent witness. (Sorry for the Protestant term… My sweet Catholic husband would cringe at that – hopefully you understand what I mean.) Sometimes the best way to lead is silently, and this certainly applies with Christ. One of my main cases in point – we were, in Genesis, instructed to ‘subdue’ the earth rather than destroy it. Our last President was big on public prayer but little on caring for God’s creation, basically he was silently placing corporate revenues above his spoken words of faith.
    So, which is right? I take the stand of some of my favorite lyrics, “faith without works is like a screen door on a submarine.”
    (Please don’t get me wrong, Bush did a wonderful job in some places. I’m not Bush bashing at all here.)

    • I think you make some good points, Jenny.

      I might not think about this decision as much if it weren’t on top of other things he has said/done concerning religion and faith. I just worry that he’ll pull back too far from religion, where there is a place in even the govt for spirituality and religion (and no, not govt. sponsored religion, but still faith).

  3. President Obama is recognizing the day in the same way it was recognized before Pres. Bush – with a proclamation. I applaud the man for not needing to flaunt his religion or beliefs publicly.

    Furthermore, it is quite possible to be liberal and have a deep rooted passion and understanding of the laws of our country. It is also possible to be liberal and deeply religious/spiritual.

    • Beth, in previous years, the day has been recognized with both a proclamation and activities/events at the White House.

      I would never mean to imply that liberals aren’t law abiding or religious/spiritual. I should perhaps have saved my comments on the Supreme Court situation for another post.

      My experience has been that those who are most adamant about the separation of church and state without acknowledging or realizing that it applies to government sponsored religion tend to be liberals.

      • It was my understanding that the events/activities started with Reagan and continued through both Bush presidencies. I wouldn’t be surprised that Obama would break with traditions the three of them established.

        Nonetheless, I consider prayer to be a private matter and hardly one that requires events/activities.

  4. Maybe Obama’s strength is to lead the country in political matters. If he were to support the National Day of Prayer but his belief wasn’t behind it, wouldn’t that be the same as him bearing false witness? How could that be effective?

    You could bear true witness to God and God’s people and you could lead with the true expression of God. That would influence more people than even a widely publicized National Day of Prayer would.

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