Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Better known as the details.  I’m watching the details pile up right now as we get ready for my sister’s wedding on Saturday.  She and her fiance (and my mother) seem to be handling the small stuff quite well, and I’m impressed by how cool, calm, and collected they appear (especially for a family that has issues with stress and anxiety).

There’s a plethora of small stuff going on for us right now, too.  Some is related to our move, some to the girls, some to my knitting 🙂 and some just to the ups and downs of life.

I’m trying to take it all in stride, though that isn’t always my strong suit.  As a result of failed attempts, I snapped at my sister on Friday, and on Saturday night I had a mini-breakdown while I was getting the girls to bed.  I know it has to do with a change in my medication, as well as all the regular life stresses that are going on right now.  Marcus is, as always, incredibly supportive and helpful, and that’s why I know I’ll manage to pull it all back in and get back on top of life soon enough.

As for the details (which I know many of you nosies are curious about), here’s the abbreviated version:

1.  Samantha has strep throat, in the midst of wedding planning.  We also have no doctor yet in Annapolis.  She is, thankfully, on the mend now.

2.  I’m working on Kiki’s garter for the wedding.  Please don’t ask me why I have left this until the last minute when they’ve been engaged since February 2008.  However, I am making real progress now, and am about 1/2 way done.

3.  We’ve been digging the Washington Capitals and their games, managing to hit a few at the Verizon Center courtesy of my dad and his company’s suite.  It’s involved a bit of juggling with the girls, and we have not managed to attend as a group yet (meaning me, Marcus, Kiki, and Andrew).  I’m hoping for a long series again, so we can have another go at it.

4.  We whisked Kiki off to Atlantic City for her Bachelorette Party last weekend.  There were a few kinks (when aren’t there a few kinks when 9 girls are involved), but for the most part, the weekend was a huge success.

5.  I’m a little bit homesick for England–our routine, our schedule, and our friends.  I was especially bummed to read yesterday on Twitter that Anne and Sue were sitting in Anne’s garden drinking wine, something that could (should) easily be my routine on a sunny Saturday afternoon…sigh.  But I know that they are still there, that we are still friends, and that my life here will fall into it’s own groove soon enough.

6.  I’m really excited because I heard back from a magazine that I queried an article idea to in early April, and they are actually interested and like the idea of a whole regular column.  I spent yesterday finding decent writing samples to share with them, and I’m incredibly nervous.  My first, non-web based freelance writing.  Woo-hoo!

So, if anything, I suppose we should toast to the small stuff, right?


2 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

  1. That doesn’t sound like small stuff to me. Sounds like you have ALOT going on. Hope you (and of course, Kiki and your Mom too) have a smooth week. Fingers crossed for a beautiful day on Saturday!

  2. Kelly, huge congrats on the magazine! You have tons of great clips. I totally see you with a regular column and have complete faith that you can do it – online, in print, where ever, but I do think it’s good (even if scary) to get outside your comfort zone. Keep us updated on this impending success and do celebrate!

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