I am totally floored.  Marcus planned and executed a surprise 30th birthday party for me, and it went off without a hitch.  I was, without a doubt, completely surprised, which never, ever happens.  Never.  I always know–or if I don’t know, I suspect.  I can honestly say that until Anne, Sue and I went for a walk after dinner, I had no clue that anything was going on.  And even then, I just sort of thought it was weird.  And then when Anne and Sue needed to stop in at Slug and Lettuce to use the toilets, I thought, “Sheesh…we were just in Banyan!  Why didn’t we pee there??”

Silly me!  🙂

We walked in to see Marcus and tons of my friends and overseas family, all gathered together in one room to help me celebrate my 30th birthday (a few days early!).  There were knitters, Catholic moms, readers, and someone from just about every activity and group that I hang out with here.  Marcus contacted my book club, my knitting group, my Catholic moms group…he worked with friends from work, neighbors, and even with the girls’ nursery to coordinate a babysitter!  He did such a good job!

The night was great–I spent much of it in shock and drank to make myself a little bit less anxious!  I wasn’t prepared to be surrounded by so many people and to be the center of attention!

Thanks so much to my darling husband, to my dear friends, and to my extended family overseas…this really was the best birthday present and best surprise ever!

PS:  If you’ve got pictures, please email them to me!  I don’t know if Marcus took any, and I’d love to share them here and on facebook!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Happy Birthday Kelly!! What a great surprise! Hmmm, Slug and Lettuce…..sounds like a great place for a photo shoot with your new sweater. 😉

  2. It was truly a good night, I really wanted to tell you but I was sworn to secrecy, and yes I am a little scared of Marcus!!!

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