Ten Things I Love About Knitting

I know that a while back, I wrote about the ten things that I hate the most about knitting. I, of course, intended to promptly follow up with the ten things that I love about knitting. I got sidetracked, as sometimes happens, and I realized this morning that maybe I should take a minute to clue you in.

1. Knitting relaxes me. Even on the days when I’m stumped by a pattern or have to frog an entire sweater, I can still find knitting to be one of the most calming things in my life.
2. Getting it–there’s no feeling more satisfying than finally figuring out a new technique. The “a-ha!” moment is amazing.
3. The feel of handknit anything–whether I’ve knitted it, or someone else has knitted it for me.
4. Swapping. I love getting together a knitting package for someone else to enjoy, and then receiving one in return. Knitters are generous souls.
5. I can knit anywhere. I know, I’ve tried. I can take my knitting with me anytime and anywhere, and if I need to relax or I have a free minute, I can knit.
6. The sense of accomplishment I feel when I finish something.
7. Buying wool–something about purchasing wool (especially online) and having it arrive in the mail is invigorating. Add to it soft wool, wool that has the faint scent of vinegar, and wool that feels like warm and heavenly to knit with, and I’m in heaven.
8. Browsing in a yarn shop, even if I don’t buy anything.
9. Digging through my stash to find the perfect yarn or the perfect pattern.
10. The excitement of selecting my next project when I realize that I have nothing on the needles.

Malabrigo Worsted, Brisa

Malabrigo Worsted, Brisa

Ahh…I have this overwhelming desire to go cast something on right now.


4 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love About Knitting

  1. This is very encouraging for me, Kelly. I want that something to relax me and I’m hoping that knitting is it. Now…I’ll find out Sunday at my first “class” whether or not I can “get it”.

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