Week 5 Weight Loss Weigh In

Well, my first month of watching what I eat and trying to make better food choices has officially ended. I just did my week 5 weigh in.

And I stayed the same as last week.

But, I’m super excited anyway! Here’s why!

1. My clothes are starting to fit again!
2. My wedding ring and engagement ring both fit comfortably again!
3. I am starting to feel better about how I look!

Not to mention that I didn’t eat perfectly this week–we ate out three times, I drank once, and I even had two glasses of (gasp) regular soda. But I still managed to stay the same.

That just tells me how much I must have been overindulging and overeating before, you know?

So, I’m still 11.5 pounds away from my goal weight, but I think losing 6.5 pounds in a month is still a great start, don’t you?


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