A WOW! Writing Week

This week has been a busy one for me, writing wise. I worked on a few partner calls, one of which AC contacted me about making a weekly deal, wrote some personal pieces about parenting, and also wrote a few pieces about hair, travel, and television (talk about running the gambit!).

But something else super exciting happened this week for me as a writer, and I wanted to wait until it was all official to share. I was named one of Associated Content’s Top 100 Content Producers for 2008. Top 100…out of tens of thousands of content producers. Their decision was based on page views–on the articles that I published in 2008, my page views on those articles were in the Top 100 . How incredible is that?

I’ve read things about Associated Content on other blogs that aren’t always complimentary. They’ll publish anything, they have no standards, and they only care about making a dime…or so the rumors go. In fact, I really and truly couldn’t be happier with Associated Content. I’ve been freelance web writing for them for 17 months now. In that time I’ve made over $4,000. I was in the Top 1000 of all Content Producers last year, and in the Top 100 this year. I’ve met friends and contacts through their forums. I’ve written pieces that have been both stimulating, interesting, and exciting. I’ve become a writer.

Thanks Associated Content. I’m proud to work for you, and am looking forward to another great year.

Also, for those of you who don’t follow my work on AC, I invite you to take a look!


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