Well, for the second time in 2009, I find myself with practically nothing on the needles. I am finishing up the socks for my mother, and due to some issues with the Back to School Vest, it’s been frogged with no prayers for resurrection.

Though the excitement is in the air about picking a new project, it’s a difficult spot for someone of my personality type, really. I’m anxious for something new, but overwhelmed by all the possibilities. What should I knit? With what yarn? Is it for me or for someone else? Should I pick a hard project or a mindless knit?

The possibilities are endless, which can be a daunting process.

Ah well…I’ll think on it tonight while I’m having an Indian with Marcus, Anne, and Phil. If you’ve got ideas, throw them out there!


3 thoughts on “Unthinkable

  1. Practically nothing on the needles, that needs to be remedied NOW. I say cast on 2 projects….1 a mindless knit and 1 more challenging, and yes, definitely for yourself. (or you could take some of my projects that are on vacation to finish………)

  2. Something for you … as a lovely reward to how good you have been to yourself. And I would recommend something that inspires you – difficulty doesn’t matter.
    Go troll the Ravelry pattern pages or Knitty’s pattern pages. Each is jammed full of inspiration. Happy Hunting!

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