A Mish-Mosh

This week, the Yarn Harlot had a day where she caught her readers up on everything, without the usual rhyme and reason that accompany her posts.

I’m there myself today, and want to tell you so much that I can’t seem to find a string that ties it all together. So, a list it is.

1. Marcus is having serious back trouble, which began on our holiday in the states. We were in A&E again last night, seeking adequate pain management and a clearer diagnosis. We left knowing no more than when we went in, and expect that he may end up needing a referral and an MRI. Please be thinking about him.

2. Samgirl is missing and crying her her Aunt Kiki every night at bedtime. I knew that the bond they shared was strong, but I just didn’t realize how much she meant to my baby girl. I suppose it makes sense, since she means so much to me. In this regard, April, and our move home, can’t come soon enough.

3. I’m tweeting now. Feel free to follow me at Twitter (Writing_Mom).

4. Marcus and I started our diet on Thursday, January 8. I have lost two pounds in one week, just by watching what I’m eating, switching to diet soda, and cutting down on my alcohol intake. I plan to add running and the gym into my routine by the end of the month. I am now 16 pounds away from my goal weight, and have just over 3 months to get there.

5. The knitting continues. I’m getting ready to cast on for the Back to School U-Neck Vest that I was swatching for earlier this week. I’m also knitting a beautiful pair of socks for my mom in Claudia Handpainted, Sportweight. The colorway is Ingrid’s Blues, and it’s lovely!

What a jumble. But for the most part, the chaos is controlled and all is going well. I hope the same is true of you!


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