Writing Wednesday

The girls are in nursery today, so I decided to catch up on things around the house and work on some writing that I am doing.

I also took a minute to google myself, to see how my articles are doing and to see if anything that I’ve written has been picked up elsewhere.

Boy, was I surprised!

I do a fair amount of writing for Associated Content’s partners, and saw that several of my pieces have been distributed by the Internet Broadcasting Company and are all over the Internet!

My piece on “Why Rudolph and Frosty Have Staying Power” can be found all over the Internet…take a peek at a few places to see:




Of course, with the good comes the bad. I also wrote a piece about Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice for a credit card company. It’s well done, but has one glaring oversight on my part–I failed to mention that Addison had a trust fund that would have meant she didn’t need to worry about money.

That’s what I get for writing an article about a show that I just watch sporadically, huh?

You can see make raked over the coals here:


I bet I won’t get too much more work from that company, do you think?

Ah well. You live and learn, right (write)?


2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday

  1. Okay, secret tv watching confession: I never watched Grey’s Anatomy, but I LOVE Private Practice. I never miss it. (Perhaps is has something to do with Taye Diggs…)

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