To the Passenger on US Airways Flight 734, Seat 20F

I really wish I’d had my camera nearby, because I’d also be posting your picture here.

I should mention…please read with caution.  This is not going to be a nice post.

Our flight on Tuesday night was delayed on the runway for about an hour for de-icing and queuing for take-off.  At around 9:30 PM, Erica started to get really agitated, and cried for the half hour before we finally took off.

Bless her, so was so frustrated and exhausted.  Poor baby.  We tried everything to calm my two year old, especially since we weren’t allowed to get up from our seats.  She was just so worked up, and couldn’t calm herself, no matter what she did.

Are you thinking, “Poor thing”?

The guy sitting in seat 20F wasn’t.  Instead, he repeatedly turned around, scowled at us, and then turned back and shook his head in disgust.  In fact, he even turned on his iPod to try and block out the noise (while the “No Electronic Devices” light was lit, no less!).

I understand that a crying baby on a plane is frustrating.  I actually really do.  But do you know who it was the most frustrating for?  My beautiful two year old baby who was in hysterics.  She was exhausted, and suffering.  And this man’s behavior did nothing but get me all worked up, which in turn probably made it more difficult for me to focus and calm my child down.

I feel badly for this guy’s girlfriend/wife…whether or not children are in their future, this scenario told me quite a lot about this impatient man.

Mostly, I want you all to hear the response that I practiced in my head over and over again for the next time this asshat turned around and made eye contact with me.

“She’s crying because she’s a baby.  What’s your excuse?”

God, that felt good.

PS:  We’re home, we’re safe and sound.  We miss everyone already!


2 thoughts on “To the Passenger on US Airways Flight 734, Seat 20F

  1. How frustrating! I do understand how difficult it is (now that I’m a parent) to deal with a fussy child and unhelpful passengers. Poor little thing and I’m glad you’re home safely!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry. I remember the trip I took with my sister and her two children. By the end, they were so exhausted. The little one just screamed and screamed. An older woman came over with 2 bananas, saying she knew how hard traveling can be on the young ones. It was such a sweet and much appreciated gesture.

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