In a Blur

How can it be time to leave already? There’s so much that I haven’t done, so much that I haven’t shared with you, and so much that is making my heart ache at the thought of leaving.

We threw my sister’s bridal shower. Isn’t she beautiful?

My baby sister turned 21 on New Year’s Eve. I remember when she was just a baby!

We rang in the New Year in style, liquor luge and all!

The girls had their first spa day at Kiki’s Salon!

I knitted plenty, but of course, have been so busy that I didn’t manage any photos of it all!

We also spent a few days in Ocean City, Maryland, but those pictures are on the NEW SLR camera that we bought, and will have to wait for another day.

All in all, an eventful trip. Now if the winter weather in Philadelphia will just hold off, we can make it back to the UK in one piece.

There are no words to express how fabulous (even though it was busy!) this trip was. I can’t thank my stepfather enough for flying us home this year, and my mother and sisters enough for all their help and hospitality. We are truly blessed.

Until we return home in April…Cheers, America.


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