The Tangled Web

Of course, I’m dying to show off all of the amazing Christmas photos and stories that I have to share, as well as shots from a weekend jaunt to Atlantic City, but I thought I’d jump in first with a funny story for my knitting friends.

For Christmas, my dad and stepmother decided to spoil me with a few knitting items.  Rather than go off of a list, they headed to Uniquities in Vienna, Virginia, and shopped all on their own.

They did a great job, presenting me with a ball winder, two gorgeous skeins of laceweight yarn, an Addi Turbo lace needle, and a pattern for a laceweight scarf.

While trying to explain the ball winder to my family, I thought a demonstration would seal the deal.

So, I got us set up using my sister’s arms and a barstool, and off we went.  

It occurred to me as I started that I’ve never wound laceweight before (ever) and wondered briefly if it was a task well suited for the ball winder.

Eh, I thought, what could happen.

I present to you 50 grams of cashmere laceweight ($30!) after a disastrous attempt at ball winding.

After hours of attempts at untangling, this gorgeous skein is now 4 small balls and a big tangled blob.

Sigh.  That’ll teach me to attempt a knitting task without my trusty Nutty Knitters, huh?


3 thoughts on “The Tangled Web

  1. OHhhhh, nooooo…. lol. You most certainly need a SWIFT for that lace. EEK! I love that picture. Great laugh this morning. God bless you, what a laughable moment – as long as you weren’t crying over the cashmere.

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