Tumbling off the Fitness Wagon…

…but for a good reason.  First, it was the little celebration with a few friends on Friday night that resulted in me drinking a little too much (I’m too old for this) and then it was yesterday’s cookie baking madness with friends (I may never eat another cookie again).

But, I’m going to be back on my fitness horse today.  I’m running this evening, trying to continue to track my eating on My Daily Plate, and cutting back on the drinking and the empty calories.

But man…those cookies were good.


2 thoughts on “Tumbling off the Fitness Wagon…

  1. Jump right back up on there!!!

    Karen Roberts and I baked dozens and dozens of cookies yesterday and between the dough (taste testing, of course) and then sampling the baked cookies…I’m done on sweets for the rest of the year.

    I began a weight loss/fitness challenge with a friend of mine today – Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the cookies in my kitchen!!

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