The Christmas Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

Another year has come and gone, and we can’t believe that we’re celebrating our third winter in England. As our time here draws to a close, we’re spending every minute out and about. The Christmas decorations are up and the cards are in the mail and another year for our family is drawing to a close.

Marcus has been busy this year, taking his cumulative exam and writing his final grad school paper. Two classes loom on the horizon before he’ll graduate, and he’s certainly ready! He got a promotion this year, which we were really excited about! He still loves video games, and can be found Word Twisting now that I’ve turned him on to Facebook!

Samantha is four…where has the time gone? She is truly a little girl and not a toddler anymore, and amazes us every day with the things that she says and does. She loves her preschool class, where she spends two full days and one half day. She plays independently, loves to read and to do arts and crafts, and is all about princesses and babies. Sam is the more sensitive of our daughters, and along with that, a bit of a drama queen and a chatterbox. I wonder where she gets that from! 😉

Erica is two and a half, and she is our little firecracker! Always doing before thinking, she’ll try anything once (and often, more than once). She keeps up with Sam every day, and the girls play together in their bedroom all the time. They love dressing up, and like Sam, everything is princesses and babies.

The girls continue to make up the biggest part of my life. We spend our days at our weekly toddler group, Moms and Tots Mass, Cafe Moms, and out and about in Harrogate. In the time that I’m not with them, Marcus and I still love watching movies and reading. I continue to work on my web writing and editing my novel. I keep up the girls’ website and my blog. I knit whenever I can, too.

We’ve continued to travel this year, spending a month in the States, two weeks in Tuscany, time in Scotland, Germany, around the UK, Mallorca, and Paris. We hope to finish our time in the UK next year with a trip to Ireland and Poland or Prague.

We’ve also been blessed with visitors again this year, the highlights as repeat visits from my mom and Amelia, who’ve been our most frequent guests in Yorkshire! We’re hoping to see a few more faces here before we head home in 2009.

So, 2008 draws to a close and 2009 is about to dawn. We’ll finish the year in the states with family and friends, and before we know it, it will be time for Kiki’s wedding and a move home.

Wishing a happy holiday season to you and yours.

Kelly, Marcus, Sam and Kicka


2 thoughts on “The Christmas Letter

  1. I love reading Christmas newsletters. You get to hear how everybody spent their year, feeling like you spoke with them more than you actually did. It’s a lovely tradition.

  2. I’m glad (for my sake) that you mentioned your mother’s visit this year–she hates to be taken for granted–runs in the family, does it not? We are all very excited (stressing out to get ready) about your Christmas stay. Can’t wait to see the grandgirls!!

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