The Christmas Countdown

It is now officially one month before Christmas.


I’ve ordered all of the girl’s Christmas presents (PS:  Mom, they are coming direct to you, and one of them is huge), and just need to get stocking stuffers once we arrive in the States.

Marcus and I aren’t exchanging gifts this year, but I’d still like to pick him up a little something once we arrive home in a few weeks.  No idea what, though.

I decided to order calendars of the girls after all, though I went with a different (and cheaper) company.  They’re on the way to Mom’s house, too.

The Christmas knitting continues, and if I do say so myself, I’m doing a fabulous job.

I’m still working on Marcus’ sweater.  It’s about 35% completed.

I have 2 1/2 pairs of socks left to knit.

I need to knit the vest for my dad.

One more little thing for a friend.

And that’s it!  Can you believe it?  I am awesome!

I might knit the girls some hats, mittens, and scarves if I can get my act together, but I make no promises.

I want to get my Christmas cards addressed so that they can go into the post on Monday. They came last week, and they do look incredibly cute, if I do say so myself.  We ordered from Snapfish this year, and they always do a nice job with their photo cards.

I am ready Christmas…bring it on!


3 thoughts on “The Christmas Countdown

  1. dude, it’s not even thanksgiving yet! 🙂 you move across the pond and you forget the order of things! I blame it on the christmas music that has been blaring in shops since Halloween.

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