My friends Anne and Phil are Buddhist, and believe in the idea of Karma.  Of course, I’ve heard of it.  Anyone who’s watched My Name is Earl has, right?

At any rate, I hadn’t given Karma much thought in my life until meeting them, but actually, have seen it in action lately, and it’s given me pause.

First, there was the missing wallet experience.  Why would Karma have stolen my wallet when I was in Paris, you ask?  Well, earlier in the day we *might* have taken a free open-top bus tour around Paris.  I had a bit of guilt about it later, you see, and tried to make right by treating some university students to one more bottle of wine.  Karma didn’t buy it.  Enter the wallet escapade.

I started thinking about Karma more in depth a few nights ago, when someone I am friendly with, though not really a friend, did something that I find rather tasteless.  It was a small thing really-not even worth mentioning.  But something that got me a tiny bit fired up.

But as I was sitting in bed the other evening, I started thinking about Karma.  I found it really freeing to think that it wasn’t worth me getting upset about, because there would be a time that Karma would steal her wallet (I’m speaking in metaphors here, people, follow me).

And then I felt badly, because as a Catholic, I know I shouldn’t wish something bad to happen to anyone.

So Karma, if you are reading this, please don’t steal her wallet.

But if a fiver happens to drop out when she’s not looking, I wouldn’t complain.


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