I often write about my relationship with the girls, my knitting, my writing, and my family’s adventures abroad.

The other night as I drifted off to sleep, however, I realized that I rarely blog about the reason that all of this is possible…my husband.

It was a funny night.  We stayed up until 11 PM, and cuddled up in bed, both exhausted.  It was really cold out, and we were trying to get warm by snuggling.  I mentioned something I had read on a political thread on Ravelry, and Marcus and I started talking about it.

We talked, him and I, for almost an hour, curled up in bed together. We were so tired, and should have gone to bed.  But we didn’t.  Instead, we talked, shared, discussed, lightheartedly debated, and listened.

What’s amazing to me, and what I realized from this conversation, is that Marcus and I never talked politics before we got married.  In fact, there were a large number of things we never really talked about.  How we’d handle crying it out.  Formula vs. breast milk.  Where we’d spend Christmas and Thanksgiving.  How we’d manage our money or our time.

Of course, before we got married we knew we were similar.  We loved doing the same things, and we had the same vision for our future.  But many of the logistics that have encompassed our day to day life these days weren’t something we’d ever thought of.

And as we sat, curled up in bed, I realized how lucky it was that I married the right man.  Not because we agree on everything (though we were in agreement that night), but because we really are well suited for one another, him and I.  When we don’t agree, we talk, share, and compromise.  There are times that I agree that he knows what’s best, and vice versa.

Whew…some days we bicker like there’s no tomorrow.  But those moments fade away.  And I realize that I truly am blessed to have married this man, who once drank 5 forties in a morning for the Breakfast of Champions.  Who once dressed up like a fairy godmother for Christmas.  Who still loves Tetris as much as the day he was ten.

I love you, Marcus.


10 thoughts on “Marcus

  1. My favorite nights are the ones where Z and I sit up and talk, even though we both know better and should be asleep! 🙂
    I am glad you found the right man, his tetris and 40s obsession and all!

  2. I needed something to make me smile & you have done it! Not only am I happy that you have paired up with the right man but I know that I have too -Rob & I have been ‘together’ since November 1976! That’s….32 years…!!!! We will have been married for 28 years Easter 2009!

    …btw… what are ‘forties’?

  3. Ahh…forties. They are a totally trashy American thing that poor people and college students drink. 40 ounces of piss poor beer in a bottle. One day Marcus drank 5 of them…so, 200 ounces of beer! It was a long story (and a long day!).

  4. These moments are the best!! When he is the right man those little details don’t matter before marriage, I believe. Just wish we could tell that to every 20 something woman out there looking for “Mr. Right”, and over analyzing every little thing. God Bless you both!

  5. I love this post! You and Marcus are so fortunate to have each other. It warms my heart to read about your relationship. Your story of talking into the night reminds me of me and my husband.

  6. Great post Kelly. We don’t think/talk much about our great husbands, they are there when we really need them and are ever so tolerant of the sometimes turbulent lives we have. We love Marcus and spending time with you both. 🙂

  7. I just came over from Nothing Fancy. Great socks, by the way. This was a very heart warming post. I am wondering how old you were when you got married. I too feel blessed to have picked the right guy but never thought about the answers to those questions or others. We were very young when we married and just in love I guess. We got lucky or was it destiny…..? Also what is a 5 forty?

  8. Having the pleasure of knowing both you and Marcus while you were getting to know each other, I’ve gotta say this is my favorite post, forties and all! 😉

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