A Wake Forest Education

Today, I definitely put my Wake Forest education to good use.

Before you read this blog, though, a word of warning:  It’s disgusting.  It’s about bodily functions.  Enough said.  If you choose to bow out now, I won’t blame you.  I’ll see you later.  No hard feelings…really.

So, as I was saying, I put my wanna-be Ivy league education to good use today.  No, I wasn’t trying to edit my novel, readjusting measurements on something I’m knitting, or web writing.  I wasn’t teaching with that hard-earned education degree or trying to trick my kids with my psychology minor.

No, today I tried to collect a stool specimen from my 4 year old, who’s had diarrhea for going on 7 days now.

And I won.

I problem solved.  I researched.  I read.  I received feedback from friends and nurses.  I took it all in.

And I did it, without so much as a spot of diarrhea on my hands.

I used the old saran wrap over the toilet seat trick.  They’re right…that one really does work every time.

To those who say that homemakers don’t need a university education, I’m sticking my tongue out at you.

To those that are shaking their heads at all this diarrhea talk, I say enjoy your days pre-child.

To those who went to Wake Forest, Go Deacs!


6 thoughts on “A Wake Forest Education

  1. I prefer “ivy league of the south,” but that’s just me. 🙂 Glad to hear that you were successful — and fingers crossed that your poor daughter starts feeling better soon!

  2. Great post, Kelly! Only one a mother could understand!

    Relatedly, in a meeting today I told the group of all senior-level men that it was a good damn thing I’d been in a sorority or our department would be in big trouble. We’re planning an open house for candidates and not one of them could figure out how to make it work. Hello, rush?


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