Mommy, Samantha, and Angelina

Last night, I did something incredibly grown up with my four year old daughter.  We went into town and saw an English National Ballet Company production of Angelina’s Star Performance.

For those who aren’t familiar with the famous Angelina, you should know that she’s a ballerina.  And of course, a mouse.

Dressed up in our finest, carrying our purses, we headed to the show.

More than anything I wish I could insert a picture here, but we ended up going straight the theatre after a car ride, and didn’t have it on us.  But I promise, we looked super cute.

If I do say so myself, Samantha was one of the best behaved little girls at the ballet.  She was enthralled by the dancing mice (though she did ask me once when the dancing would be over!).  She watched carefully, entranced by the music and dancing, excited to see what came next.

Samantha curled up in my lap for most of the show, and as I kissed the top of her head I found myself wondering when my baby became a little girl.  Old enough to go to the ballet.  Old enough to sit through an hour long performance in a dark theatre.  Old enough to listen and stay with me and follow directions.

For all the grumbling and grousing that I do about the girls (I’d like to thank the children’s classic book, A Squash and a Squeeze, for adding that phrase to my vocabulary), they really are such good girls.

They’re growing up so quickly.


5 thoughts on “Mommy, Samantha, and Angelina

  1. I never took Callum to the ballet, although he did take his girlfriend as a Christmas treat, but I remember taking him to the Lion King at a similar age! he was too light to hold the fold up seat in place. I am so pleased you had a good time. Wish I had been a spy on the wall!

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