On the Needles

I’ve been waxing poetic quite a bit lately, and I thought it seemed prudent to get back to the reason we’re all here…the knitting.

Right now, I have (gasp!) 5 knitting projects on the needles, without an end in sight for any of them any time soon.

1)  Arwen.  I am slowly but surely making progress on my first cardigan.  I continue to hope that she’ll be finished miraculously without me knitting on her at all, but in case that plan fails, I’m hoping that she’ll be finished before Thanksgiving.  If I had to venture a guess, I’d say that she’s about 75% done.

2)  Big Brown Blob.  Marcus’ Saranac is slow going.  But it’s quite an easy knit thus far, so I do it when I don’t need to pay attention.  I have used up about 4 balls of wool so far (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, which I’ve been surprisingly pleased with), so I’m about 20% finished.

3)  Headstrong Hedera Halfsies. This heavily modified version of Cookie A’s Hedera socks is probably the project that I have closest to completion.  I’m in the process of turning the heel on the second sock, and have decided to knit the foot in simple stockinette and leave the lacy bits just at the cuff.  I should be finished with her within the next week.

4) Lively Livia.  I am knitting these socks for the October Sockdown Challenge.  They are really going to be a challenge for me, with multiple charts, knitting through the back loop, and cables.  I suspect they will take until the end of November to complete, especially with all the other projects that I have on the go.  I only just cast on yesterday, and am still working on the ribbing chart.

5)  Purpura Cardigan.  I am also working on my mom’s Christmas present.  I won’t link the pattern here, because she is a nosy, nosy woman! 😉  I was going to do the Tilted Duester, but opted instead for a top down raglan construction with seed stitch and no buttons.  The yarn is Berroco Peruvia in the Purpura colorway (hence the title).  It’s coming along swimmingly, and should be done for Christmas with time to spare.

Not to mention a handful of other Christmas presents that need to get knit before the holidays, including Kiki’s cardigan, too!

What am I doing wasting time blogging?  I should be knitting!


One thought on “On the Needles

  1. What? Are you seriously calling me a nosy, nosy woman? Just because I have endlessly googled Purpura Cardigan to no avail doesn’t make me nosy….or does it? Okay…maybe I am a little curious…but nosy…I don’t think so. Love you!

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