Verra Nice

Marcus and I spent the weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland.  And by “Marcus and I” I mean “Marcus and I.”  No kids.  No family and friends.  No lists of things to do, places to go, people to meet, or…well…anything.

We took the train from Harrogate on Friday morning, and spent 2 glorious days in a beautiful city.  We walked the Royal Mile, visited the Whisky Heritage Center, walked around Edinburgh Castle, explored the Real Mary King’s Close, and ate, drank, talked, walked, and enjoyed one another.  It was a perfect weekend.

And yet, still, at the end of the trip, we couldn’t wait to get home to the girls.  Though they manage to drive me crazy every day and sometimes have me on the verge of a nervous breakdown, it’s amazing how empty life seemed without them around.  The bed was too big.  The room was too quiet.  The conversations weren’t nearly as lively (though we managed to finish sentences and actually talk about grown-up things).

So, we returned home aching to see our girls, but having enjoyed our time together alone.  I remember reading once that as much as we love our children and spend so much of our adult lives focusing on them, that one day they will grow up and leave us, and all Marcus and I will have left is one another.  I’m so glad we make the time to nurture our relationship and enjoy time for just the two of us.

Marcus and Kelly in Edinburgh Castle

Marcus and Kelly in Edinburgh Castle


2 thoughts on “Verra Nice

  1. Kelly, I found your site through Momfidence, and once again, I’m reminded of what a small world it is. I was reading your post about your trip to Scotland, and then got down the page to where you mention your mom and the 7-11s…and that you are from Annapolis.

    As the cliche goes, I’m sure we know a lot of the same people, as I’m also from Annapolis, and just moved from there to Chicago a mere three days ago. Am homesick for it already, and can’t wait to get back for Christmas and to our beach house in Fenwick for the summer.

    I know at least one big-time knitter in Annapolis, me dear friend Kathleen Ruttum.

    Went to St. Mary’s, but suspect I’m older than you. Graduated from there in 1981.

    Will keep reading.

    What took you to England?

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