Only Four Years Ago…

It’s hard to believe that four years ago today, Marcus and I welcomed our first child into the world. That four years ago, yesterday, it was just the two of us.

I wrote this so that I could always remember those two days…the days we became a family.

PS: There is birth talk, so read at your own risk!

I woke up when Marcus left the house for work, and spent most of the day in bed relaxing. Because of high blood pressure, I had spent the last week mostly in bed. Today was the day–at two pm Marcus would come home and we would drive the hour to Civista Medical Center in La Plata, Maryland to deliver our first child.

Marcus got home at 2 pm on the dot, and we made the drive to southern Maryland. We stopped at Pizzeria Uno’s on the way for “one last peaceful meal” as a family of two. We arrived at the hospital around 4 pm or so, and waited for Dr. Hotchkiss to arrive at 5 pm.

Our night started off with a bit of a scare as we were told that Dr. Hotchkiss had had a family emergency and might not be able to come in to start the induction process. As a result, I would have to be sent home and either wait for labor to occur naturally or schedule an induction at at later date. We waited for almost 3 hours before we were told that we would be able to proceed with the induction! WHEW!

Dr. Arin arrived to start the induction with Cervadil, which would hopefully help get things started. Marcus and I tried to watch a little tv and talk, and finally decided to try to get some sleep around 10 pm or so. I was having mild contractions as I went to bed, and wasn’t able to really fall asleep due to the excitement of what was going to happen the next day.

I woke up on and off throughout the night due to the contractions and the excitement. I had a hard time getting comfortable in the bed and with the monitors. I asked for Stadol at around 2 am, and it totally made me LOOPY! I was literally hallucinating, and it didn’t help with the pain. They offered it again around 5 am, and I took it, hoping that this time it would help. It didn’t.

Marcus slept on the pull out chair in the room, although I woke him up on and off throughout the night. I got up and attempted to shower early in the morning after the nurse removed the Cervadil, but by that point the contractions were getting harder and stronger. Marcus had to help me quite a bit.

When Dr. Hotchkiss came in the morning, he checked me and said that I was 90% effaced and 1 cm. He broke my water and we started Pitocin at 7 am. At 7:30 am I was in excruciating pain, and asked for my epidural. At this point, Marcus said, “Kelly, do you really need it yet? You were only 1 cm 30 minutes ago.” I told him that we weren’t DISCUSSING it, I was TELLING him I was ready, and off he headed to tell the nurse I was ready.

Thankfully, the anesthesiologist was nearby, and came right away. Ahh…epidurals. It worked like a charm and by the time Kiki & my mom arrived at around 9 am, I was feeling MUCH better! I did have a little trouble with my blood pressure; however they were able to correct it without too much effort.

The nurse checked me at 9:30 am and found that I was 6 or 7 cm and fully effaced. I was so excited that things were moving so quickly. In fact, Dr. Hotchkiss had to be in surgery, so the nurse actually stopped giving me Pitocin so that my labor didn’t progress too quickly!

No such luck for her! I started to feel a lot of pressure at around 11 am, and sure enough, I was fully dilated. Unfortunately, the doctor was still in surgery, so I had to wait an HOUR for him to get out! Again, thank goodness for epidurals!

One hour later, he arrived at my room. He thought it would take a while for me to deliver, so he told me to start pushing with the nurse in the room. My mom and Kiki left to head to the waiting room at this point. They were very sad to go (and I think Marcus was sad to see them go, too!).

I pushed for about 20 minutes, and Dr. Hotchkiss came back into the room. Samantha was ready to make her appearance. After only 10 more minutes of pushing, she arrived!

Her APGAR scores were 8 and 9. She didn’t cry for the first few minutes, which of course had me all nervous. Of course, she started soon enough. In fact, I think Kiki and my mom heard her finally start from the waiting room! Marcus stayed with Samantha while they bathed her and cleaned her up. They finally returned her to me, and suddenly, we were a family of three…just like that.

She arrived at 12:30 pm on October 5, 2004, after only 30 minutes of pushing and just 5 ½ hours of active labor.

Our lives haven’t been the same since, and won’t be again. We wouldn’t want it any other way.


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