Sue and Anne

Two of my closest friends since arriving in Harrogate, Sue and Anne are fellow knitters.  And they’re sisters, at that.  They are some of the first people I’ve met since arriving here that I don’t feel silly texting over nonsense, sitting around and doing nothing with, or care if my girls are being bears or the house is a mess.  The closest things I have to Kiki and Courtney abroad, in short.

Well, Sue had me as her swap partner for our first At Home in Harrogate Swap!  There were assorted knitting goodies and some gorgeous yarn.  And there were these…my first pair of handknit socks that I didn’t knit!

Nutkin, Knitting Goddess

Nutkin, Knitting Goddess

They are fabulous, and I’ve been wearing them incessantly!

But on another note, Sue and Anne (mostly Sue) issued a bit of a challenge to me last night at our Knit Night.  I was laughing over Arwen not growing without me knitting her (the audacity) and Sue commented that she doesn’t think I’ll ever finish her.

Never finish her?

The thought has never crossed my mind.

So this morning, with my hand looking like this:

Suspected Carpal Tunnel, Not Knitting for 3 Days

Suspected Carpal Tunnel, Not Knitting for 3 Days

I whipped this:

Arwens Right Side, more than halfway completed

Arwen's Right Side, more than halfway completed

out of my knitting bag and set to work.  The good news is that since I knit her with twisted stitches before knew better, and there is so much cabling, I actually have to go slowly and there isn’t any pressure on my hand.

Take that Sue (and Anne).  I’ve now knit two more rows!

Am I done yet? 😉


4 thoughts on “Sue and Anne

  1. I do hope you’ve washed those nutkins in the week you’ve been wearing them incessantly…

    When do you think I should sharpen my darning needle ready for the assemblage of Arwen? You know I’m not coming to Ameriky just to make up your sweater.


  2. Have you looked at a book called Classic Elite Knits? It has so many beautiful patterns. I just found it at I think you can do it!

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