Today, while the girls and I were at the library, I happened to see this book on the shelf just outside of the children’s reading room.

Momfidence:  An Oreo Never Killed Anybody and Other Secrets of Happier Parenting

I have read three chapters while sitting in the car, with the girls strapped in and eating a candy bar so that they were fairly quiet and couldn’t move.

This is my new parenting Bible.  Seriously.  Why didn’t I find this book 4 years ago?

And I had a chuckle, too, when I realized that there was a bookmark left in it from the person who’d checked it out before me.  It was the label from a Netflix package.

I hope that mom had rented a kids’ movie to entertain her children why she checked her email.


4 thoughts on “Momfidence

  1. I think I need this book for when I have to deal with meddling inlaws! I’m going to see if I can find it in my local library too.

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