In Which Arwen Mocks Me

Today, I decided to take Arwen out of the knitting bag and give her the once over.  Those of you who have diligently followed the saga of Arwen are well aware that she was relegated back to the knitting bag after a failed attempt at completing her during the Ravelympics.  Of course, had I not knit 20 inches before the sleeve instead of the mere 12 that I actually needed, perhaps I might not have found myself so cross with her.  But that’s another story.

So I pulled Arwen out from the bag today and examined her.  And do you want to know something?  Seriously…you’ll never believe this.

After being cooped back up in my knitting bag for 6 weeks, that evil witch had the audacity to stay the same size.

She didn’t grown not one single inch.

Seriously…at this rate she’ll never get finished.

I wonder how long I have to actually leave her in there before she miraculously knits herself or some sort of scientific miracle occurs and she reproduces her stitches enough times until she’s completed?

As I put her back into the knitting bag without knitting a stitch, I ponder the question.  Let’s just wait and see…shall we?


One thought on “In Which Arwen Mocks Me

  1. I have the pattern and the yarn to make one for myself. However, waiting to see how you manage before I start mine. This is not good Kelly! I am a one project at the time person and you are not offering any hope.

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