What is a Stash?

I’ve heard non-knitters utter these words, and I respond with disbelief.  What is a stash, you ask?

A knitting stash consists of all the things you need in order to knit–yarn, needles, patterns, notions, etc.

More than that, however, a knitting stash should inspire you.  When I look at my stash, it gives me ideas for what I want to knit next.  I find a pattern I want to knit right away, and dive into the stash, excited that I already own the perfect wool.  A good knitting stash is a knitter’s haven.

Of course, my own knitting stash has gotten to be a bit on the large size.  I confessed at knit night last night that I might be running our of room in the chest that holds my stash.  This could be a problem.  I might finaly have to branch out and look for hiding places for all the wool I seem to have accumulated in less than a year.

At least it’s pretty to look at.


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