Blogging Mojo Mysteriously Disappeared

It appears that I lost my blogging mojo a bit, and have slacked off here in the past week.  No one worry though–I’m back with a vengeance.

Sam & Kicka are doing well.  They have settled back into our routine in the UK without too much trouble.  They are adjusting to going to school all day on Wednesdays, and I must say, it seems to be the perfect set up for all three of us.  I am getting tons of writing done, as well as household chores and some me time, too.

Marcus continues to be busy with work, though he’s enjoying his hiatus from grad school coursework until November.  He takes a cumulative exam next month though, so he needs to start studying for that soon.  I can hardly believe he’ll be finished his master’s degree by the time we return home next summer.

I’m still working on making mates for my socks, am knitting a hat for my stepbrother, am working on a jumper (sweater) for Marcus, and am trying not to spend all my hard earned writing money on wool.

Marcus and I have booked a holiday getaway for just the two of us in October, and our friend Sarah is going to watch the girls.  This will be our first trip without the girls here in the UK…and we can’t wait!

I just booked a trip to Paris in November with my friend Fiona.  Yay–Paris!

We’re all in a pretty good place.  What more could we ask for?


One thought on “Blogging Mojo Mysteriously Disappeared

  1. Congratulations on having found your mojo back! Mine also disappeared for awhile and now has come back with a vengeance. Maybe they both went on vacation together?

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