That’s the best word I could come up with to describe how I feel today.  I am completely and utterly worn out.  Yesterday was an absolutely fab time with friends, but I had no idea how old I was getting.  Seven hours on a train, knitting, hopping cabs to and fro in London, a knitting show, a pub lunch, 3 bottles of wine (I shared), and some walking around, and I seriously feel like I ran a marathon yesterday.  Maybe I’m getting to old for this!

We had a few unexpected problems along the way, but what journey doesn’t?  Ultimately though, we made it there and home relatively unscathed, still friends, and without having poked anyone’s eyes out with a dpn (though there was a lady on the train who almost deserved the honor).

The stalls were fab, filled with yarn, needles, and knitting books and notions.  The Yarn Harlot’s talk was great.  I got a fair amount of knitting done on the plain Jane sock I am working on. I had a great time with some of my closest friends here in Harrogate.

All in all, not a bad day, eh?


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