Yarn Diet: Countdown

The yarn diet officially ends on Saturday…thank goodness! I am really pleased with my willpower overall. I did shop a bit when I was in Virginia and online, but I spent gift money, picked up swap gifts and gifts for friends, and used store credits. So, all in all, I only ended up spending $50 of my own money on knitting related things for myself in the past two months. Pretty impressive based on my past lapses, don’t you think?

Take a look at a couple of the exciting purchases that did manage to make their way into my stash this summer. Note that some were ordered before the yarn diet ever began.

Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock; Pilsen

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock; Pilsen

Blue Sky Alpaca; Undyed Organic Cotton

Blue Sky Alpaca; Undyed Organic Cotton

P2Tog Hand-dyed Fingering

P2Tog Hand-dyed Fingering

This is just a sampling, of course.

And the yarn diet officially ends at iKnit on Saturday.  Ahh…iKnit on Saturday.  I can’t wait!  The Yarn Harlot, Purlescence, Socktopus, stalls upon stalls filled with wool, and 6 uninterrupted hours of knitting on the train to London.



4 thoughts on “Yarn Diet: Countdown

  1. Jealous (1000000000)

    Enjoy iKnit and your train trip to London. You know I want to see a pic of you with the YarnHarlot and both of your socks. I see hers has already been making the rounds in London. 🙂

    Will yours be Mal sock??? Should be…perfect time to represent your Mal Junkie sisters. 😉 (Mmmmm, Mal sock is already in Canada…wonder if the YarnHarlot has tried it yet?)

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