Reflections on the Unexpected

This vacation in America is drawing to a close, and the girls and I will soon be flying through the air to return home to our house, our Marcus, and our normal lives and routines.  I’m trying not to think about Thursday at all right now, but instead, to focus on all the good that came from this trip to our other home.

There’s been a rather unexpected surprise from this trip, and mainly from the 3 weeks that I have now been here with just the girls since Marcus left.  I am really a good mother.  I know, I know.  Of course I’m a good mother.  But I am so proud of myself for the way I handled myself being a “single parent” for the past 3 weeks. 

I’m blessed at home that Marcus pitches right in, helps with everything, and is so involved with the house and with the girls.  He is an amazing man.  And last year, when I was here for 3 weeks without him, I’m sad to say that I fell apart.  I could not cope without his help, and that was even with the support of extended family and friends.  Last year was so hard during the weeks without him that I swore that I’d never do it again.   I missed my husband walking through the door at the end of his workday and helping.  I missed weekends where I wasn’t on my own with the girls.  I missed him for his help.

But this year has been a completely different experience.  Of course there have been days and moments that I wasn’t mom of the year.  But that happens to every mother.  And I’ve had lots of help from my sisters and my parents with the girls, too.  Overall though, I’ve been really pleased with how I’ve handled myself and the girls on this trip.  I’ve been involved and active.  We’ve kept busy with outings and trips and travel.  I haven’t stayed cooped up in the house waiting for help to come.

And I’ve still missed Marcus.  But this year, it’s for the right reasons.  I’ve missed my best friend.  I’ve missed talking to him about all the things that the girls are doing.  I’ve missed snuggling up in bed with him at night, and hugging him when he walks through the door after work.  I’ve missed my husband and the girls’ father.

I hope this feeling, and what I’ve learned about myself and my family on this trip, comes home with me on Thursday.  I’ll be an even better wife and mother for it.


2 thoughts on “Reflections on the Unexpected

  1. Hubby asked me how our lunch date was and I just had to go on an on about how well behaved your girls are. They are simply splendid and that of course, is a tribute to the wonderful job you and Marcus are doing.

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