Gave it my all…sort of…

Well, the Ravelympics will draw to a close at noon tomorrow.  That gives me 12 hours to complete my one entry into WIP Wrestling, my Cardigan for Arwen.

Sadly, it seems pretty unlikely.  After a gung ho start, here’s what the right side looked like about 6 days ago.

Arwens Right Side

Arwen's Right Side

This is about 75% of the way through the entire cardigan.

Here’s what the right side looks like today, with less than 12 hours to go.

Still Arwens Right Side

Still Arwen's Right Side

I did what I could, but after knitting obsessively on Arwen for over a week, I had to put her away.  I really just wasn’t enjoying it, and dreaded picking it up to knit.

So, as much as I wanted to be a medalist in the Ravelympics and support my team (go Team Junkie!), I had to stop knitting.   I had to realize that the Ravelympics really wasn’t a race or a contest.  Of course there are opportunities in knitting to challenge and encourage one another, and that’s what the Ravelympics were all about.  But it wasn’t fun for me anymore, and it was time to bow out gracefully. 

I love how Arwen looks and feels.  I will be wearing her come autumn in Harrogate.  But she won’t be finished this week (or next week either).  And that’s ok by me.


One thought on “Gave it my all…sort of…

  1. I think you made a wise decision. I also bowed out of the running. I wanted to ‘watch’ the olympics and not spend the time spinning or knitting.

    Arwen is looking lovely in the lilac yarn.

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