The Ravelympics & WIP Wrestling

Tomorrow is the day.  With the opening ceremonies in Beijing, Ravelry is kicking off the first official Ravelympics. 

Determined not to get in over my head, a la Malabrigo March, I am focusing on just one project during the Ravelympics.  It’s so hard to do, because there are all kinds of great events and patterns wooing me from afar.  But I am standing firm, and have only entered one event:  WIPs Wrestling.

WIP (work in progress) Wrestling is for knitters who need a little extra help to get motivated and finish a UFO (unfinished object) that has been sitting neglected or taken forever to finish.  It is something that should be a challenge for you to complete in the 17 days of the Olympics.

Can you guess what I’ll be pulling out for the first Ravelympics?

You guessed it.  I have brought with me to America My Cardigan for Arwen.  Here is a shot of her:

Left Side/Sleeve/Hood for Arwen

Left Side/Sleeve/Hood for Arwen

The back is also finished, so all I have left to finish is the right side/sleeve/hood.

Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

The first side only took 3 months!

So, here it is.  I have 17 days, starting tomorrow, to finish the sweater of all sweaters.  I won’t let her beat me…I can do it!

Here’s to the Ravelympics.  Here’s to WIP Wrestling.  Here’s to Arwen!


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