Can I help you picture it?

I wonder if I can help you picture it with no camera? 

The girls were up bright and early, and since Marcus isn’t here, the three of us awoke in one bed, cuddled up together.  We ate waffles on the porch, and watched Cars while I wrote for a bit.  Then we got ready with Grandma and Ross and headed to the pool.

We swam, we jumped, and we played.  There were some tears, as there often are, as we learned to share and play together, as well as to handle frustration.  We came home for lunch and rest time.

Samantha crashed on the couch, and Erica ran around while I dozed in and out of sleep, myself.  When everyone woke, we walked with Grandma to the shops nearby to buy some pool toys.  Ross and his dog Gus met us there, and the girls spashed in the fountains outside, wearing nothing but their knickers! 

We came home and played on the porch, watched Fraggle Rock, and ate a delicious meal of hot dogs, corn, and applesauce, capped off with pudding for dessert. 

The girls cried during bathtime, and settled down some while I took one of my own.  Erica crashed before 7 PM, and Samantha stayed awake until almost 9 PM, reading books.  She eventually looked at me, with her big beautiful eyes, and said, “Mommy, I’m ready for bed now.”

Tomorrow we’ll do it all again.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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