God Really Does Speak.

Marcus and I put an offer on a house on Wednesday.  In this real estate slump, it was on the market for 176 days, and had already dropped $100,000 in price.  We made an offer within 10% of their new price.

Another couple made an offer the same day (on a house that had been on the market for 176 days…did you get that part?) and they got it, instead.

God really does speak.  If this wasn’t Him telling us that this house wasn’t for us, I don’t know how else He could have done it.

Message received.  The house hunt will continue.  Thankfully, we’ve still got a year to go.


3 thoughts on “God Really Does Speak.

  1. I’m sorry Kelly. It’s amazing to me that 2 offers came in at the same time. These things always happen to my husband and I. But like you, we view it as not meant to be. A better house will come along and you’ll be so glad you didn’t purchase this one!

  2. Hey Ho – I think you have the right attitude – you know that this means there is something better for you just around the corner.

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