Just One Week Down

…and so much has already happened here in Maryland that I hardly know where to begin.  First off, the girls, Marcus, and I are having a blast seeing family and friends.  It’s amazing how much we block out and try not to dwell on while we are overseas, but the truth is that people are what we miss most about home.

People and food, of course.  We’ve eaten out at least once a day (horrifying, I know) and the highlights have been Chipotle, the drive thru at McDonald’s, subs and poppers, Maggiano’s, and Slurpees.  Ahhh…heavenly.

And in just a week I’ve managed to finish my February Lady Sweater!  She still needs blocking and buttons, but take a look at this beauty!

For the knitters in the audience, I followed the pattern as written for the XXS size.  I did 2/3 sleeves and a crop body (to the hip) expecting it to grow with blocking.  We’ll see if it works out.  I did do the eyelet increases, there are three buttonholes, and I might have done a few too many rows after I stopped the raglan increases at the top (the pattern calls for at least 3 rows after the eyelet increases, and I think I did at least 7 before the first lace repeat and sleeve separation).  All in all though, I am incredibly pleased with my very first completed cardigan! 

One more bit of news.  It may be a bit premature, but Marcus and I made an offer on a house today.  We totally weren’t expecting it, but this house seems perfect, and we know it could be our home.  We’ll see what happens!  In the meantime, cross your fingers and toes.

Whew…and we’ve only been in the states for one week.  Imagine what could transpire in the 4 left to go!


3 thoughts on “Just One Week Down

  1. You sure have been busy…..congrats on the house! I know you’ll keep us posted. LOVE the sweater! Food, family and wool…..sounds like a wonderful week to me….oh my only disappointment?? No picture of your face while you were eating that burrito… *grins*

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