Have you ever played?  You should.  Best. Game. Ever.  Really.  And if you are drinking or playing with your closest friends, all the more so.

Last night’s highlighted round went something like this…

Courtney:  OK.  It’s some sort of a dip.

Kelly:  Hummus?

Courtney:  No.  I think you put it on bread.

Kiki:  Olive Oil.

Courtney:  No.  OK.  I think it’s Mexican.

Kiki:  Queso?

Courtney:  No.  Wait.  I think it’s Spanish money.

Kelly:  Pesos?

Courtney:  Yes!  That’s it.  I was getting it confused with pesto.  Aren’t they spelled the same?

And such is a round of Catchphrase.  Courtney just happened to be the unfortunate player to have the round of the game.  We all have them.  Just ask Kiki about Tom Brokaw.


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