The Magic of a Magic Yarn Ball

When I arrived in the states on Wednesday, I was greeted by a package at the front door of my mother’s house.  Not only did I pack 5 weeks worth of yarn and bring it with me, but I also got an amazing swap package from Jenny, a fellow Malabrigo Junkie from the Malabrigo Swap group on Ravelry. 

I know I said it after the last swap, where I was spoiled rotten by Mary Ellen, but swapping is awesome.  I got to take the time to stalk and spoil a friend (Gillian!), and then I got spoiled rotten in return.  Why did I not discover swapping sooner?

This package included a ball of wool, all wrapped up with goodies inside.  You are supposed to knit and find them along the way.  Could I wait and delay gratification like that?  Are you crazy?  🙂

At any rate, my package from Jenny was incredible.  It included 2 skeins of the much sought after Malabrigo Silky Merino in the Lettuce colorway, tea, stitch markers, cable needles, double pointed needles, toys and candy for the girls, 2 project bags, and so much more…most of it handmade by Jenny herself.  Take a peek!

Seriously…how beautiful is that? 

Thanks so much Jenny, Malabrigo Swappers, Malabrigo Junkies, and Malabrigo, for making such amazing wool!  🙂


6 thoughts on “The Magic of a Magic Yarn Ball

  1. Sweet!

    So…I noticed that our local rec center has a knitting class beginning in June. I need for you to talk me into signing up!

    I really really really hate scrapbooking. Perhaps I can knit stuff for my kids to releive me of the guilt of not keeping up with their scrapbooks.

    Did I mention that I HATE scrapbooking?

  2. You packed YARN to take to the States!!!!! But isn’t it yarn heaven? Glad you are having a fab time. Your swap pack looks fantastic.

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