I’m Having an Affair.

I’ve fallen in love with a knitting project.  And it isn’t Arwen.

It’s true.  I’ve decided not to work on the second half of Arwen, and to look for a knit that will make me smile.  I’m cheating on a piece of wool.

As a result, I’ve cast on two projects that I am really enjoying, and couldn’t wait to share with my readers.

First of all, I started knitting a simple pair of stockinette socks, just something to take with me when I am out and about.  I call them my Might be Microgauge Socks because I was aiming for ten stitches an inch.  Unfortunately, I only achieved 9, but I am still learning a lot from knitting with smaller needles.

But in the world of knitting love affairs, the socks are simply a passing whim.  My real affair, the item that has really put Arwen out on the doorstep, is the February Lady Sweater.  The simple top down construction, the garter stitch yoke, the raglan sleeves, the eyelet increases, and the lace bodice…and the malabrigo I am knitting it with.  Oh the malabrigo.

I may leave Arwen forever for this one.

Maybe I’m fickle.  But Arwen is out and the February Lady Sweater is in.  Such is the world of a knitter.


5 thoughts on “I’m Having an Affair.

  1. Seriously you are killing me. After all your recent talk I emailed Cathy about Black Forest… **I DO NOT HAVE MONEY FOR SWEATERS!!** You, my dear, and all of your swooning is going to have me in deep water soon.

    It’s beautiful. I love it!

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