Sweet Dreams

The years of my girls easily going into their cribs and beds and drifting off quickly and easily into dreamland have passed.

I remember them well.  I could walk into the room, read a story, say bedtime prayers and the Our Father, give kisses, and leave.  They turned right over and went to sleep.  It was, in a word, heavenly.

Now though, the girls are challenging the bedtime routine.  They are up, down, crying, calling out, laughing, singing, whining, waking, and encouraging one another to do the same.

I miss the good ole days.

So now, Marcus and I have taken to sitting either in the door to their bedroom or at the side of Erica’s bed until the girls are asleep.

It can take ten minutes, or it can take an hour and a half.

As much as I long for the good old days of easy bedtimes, though, I am trying to look at this new change and appreciate it for what it is.  Time to sit with my girls and unwind.  Time to knit or read, uninterrupted.  Time to be there for them when they need me.

It isn’t always easy.  There are floors to be cleaned, dishes to be done, television shows I wish that I could watch.

But such is parenting.

Last night, when I relieved Marcus after 45 minutes and took my turn at the side of Kicka’s bed, she looked over at me and gave me this dreamy smile.

“I missed you, Mommy.”

Who can complain about that?


One thought on “Sweet Dreams

  1. Ahhhhh…I remember those days with The Boy. “I need a drink of water, Mommy.” “I need to go to the bathroom, Mommy” “I need another story, Mommy.”

    I wasn’t nearly as patient as you are. I told him NOT to get out of the bed and that we’d talk about everything he wanted to talk about in the morning.

    No worries, though. This too shall pass.

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