Chapter 2: In Which I Am Awesome

And the trumpets blared and the horns sounded announcing the long awaited arrival of…

…half of my Cardigan for Arwen.

Not exactly novel material, but still incredibly awesome.

I started knitting shortly after I posted yesterday’s blog entry, albeit intermittently since the girls were still awake.  Shortly after 11 PM I realized that if I didn’t stop knitting I was going to:

a)  permanently damage my left hand.

b)  go blind.

c)  make a mistake.

With (c) being the worst thing that could possibly happen, I decided to call it a night after knitting 10 out of 13 inches.

But, fear not, friends!  I arose this morning and rather than use the time that the girls were at nursery to clean, I polished off the front left side of Arwen and the hood.

Take a look at what half a cardigan looks like!

And here’s a sneak peek at the fruits of last night’s labor–a half a hood.

I am awesome.  No doubt about it.

Now, I just need to find someone to knit the second half for me.  Any takers?


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