An Arwen Evening

Tonight is the night.  I have just the hood left, and then the front left side of Arwen will be completed.  Finally.  It’s probably about (gasp) 70 rows, but the rows aren’t too long, and are much easier than when I was knitting the sleeve cable and the front panel cable at the same time.  I am so close to finishing this side of Arwen that I have made a decision.

Tonight is a knitting night at my house.  Once the girls are in bed, I am committing myself to accomplishing this.  I will be a knitting fiend, starting at 8 PM. I truly believe that if I buckle down, turn off the Internet, and focus, I can do this.

For those that are curious, here is what Arwen looks like as of the day before yesterday. The first picture is the front left side, sleeve and all, and the second picture is a close up of the sleeve.  I have since grafted the cable portion of the sleeve.  It isn’t perfect, but it could be much worse.

Tomorrow, I hope to post good news about Arwen.  Wish me luck!


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