Must. Step. Away.

I am seriously in trouble.  Yesterday, for our anniversary, Marcus “took me” online wool shopping.  I bought the wool for my mother’s Christmas cardigan, the wool for Kiki’s Christmas cardigan, and then the wool for a hoodie and a cardigan for myself.

And 5 balls of wool just for fun.

And some new needles and sock wool from a favorite ebay seller.

Then, this morning, I realized the wool bought for my hoodie might be too tough (thanks for the tip, Anne), and I bought a different wool off of ebay.

All in all, I just spent (gasp…seriously…you may want to look away) $250 on knitting related items.  In less than 24 hours.

And don’t forget that tonight I am buying Sue’s Namaste Newport bag in Charcoal.

That’s it.  The time has come.  Remember when I scoffed at the so-called yarn diet?  Well, the time has come.  I am not allowed to buy ANYTHING knitting related until I go to iKnit in September.  That means no knitting bags, no wool, no needles…nothing until September 6th.

I need your support here, friends. Seriously.

And while we’re on the subject, don’t tell Marcus about the wool that I ordered this morning…he doesn’t know.  He doesn’t need to know.  It’s better for all of us if he doesn’t know.  🙂


6 thoughts on “Must. Step. Away.

  1. I promise, I won’t squeal on you. I am right there with you! I scoffed too. But… well, I will not divulge how much I have spent since early December on knitting related things. It’s WAY too much.

  2. Oh, good, we can be partners. I’m not allowed to buy anything else either. It is forbidden. I have purchased too much. I’ll gladly police your blog and make sure you stay on the straight and narrow. It will help me stay away from the pretty yarn stores.

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