A Little Bit of Home

My cousin Allison has been here visiting since Wednesday, hence my lack of blogging.  After some flight delays, she managed to arrive in one piece, after 6 weeks of study abroad in Italy.

Just like when my mother comes to visit, I started thinking about her departure the minute she arrived–sad that our time would fly by so quickly.  It’s little consolation that I’ll be headed home on holiday for 5 weeks in 12 days.  It’s still hard to have someone come and go.

Not to mention that the weather hasn’t exactly cooperated since she’s been here, so other than a short jaunt into town for yum-yums and coffee, we haven’t been able to get out and do much.

But today will be different.  The sun is shining (well, at least it isn’t raining) and we are headed to Knaresborough to walk around this morning, and then potentially to Fountain’s Abbey in the afternoon.  And then tonight we are drinking beer, playing Scrabble, and making some snacks for a baby shower that I am hosting tomorrow.


A little bit of home, so far away from home, really makes all the difference, even if the visit is a short one.


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Home

  1. Thanks for making Allie’s last few days of her trip fun. As much as we were counting down the days (and believe me we were counting the days) until her arrival home, I’m glad she was able to visit with the girls before you come to my house and I “hog” them as the saying goes around here. Can’t wait to see you all in August, Thrashers fries and Fishers popcorn await!!!!! Love Mary

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