The Big Picture

A close friend recently blogged about the birth of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s baby, and touched on how the media continue to ignore the fact that this is really Nicole’s third child. Instead, they refer to her two “adopted children” as an afterthought and an oversight.

It comes on the heels about my recent blog post about the family we make, but this situation is so much more. Not only is the media defining family in their terms, but they are setting her two older children up as outcasts in their own home.

Before I blame the media, however, I flash back to the birth announcements that I sent out after Erica was born.

Little girls are so much fun, we went and had another one!

It included her name, birthdate, weight, height, and then at the bottom, a line that says so much.

Welcomed by Marcus, Kelly, and big sister Samantha

Nowhere in the statement released by Nicole and Keith does it mention the proud or excited older siblings. No comment on the kids welcoming their new baby sister.

An attempt to shield older children from the media spotlight?


But if I were Nicole or Keith, I might make sure that my next statement to the press talks about the entire family, instead of excluding two of its members.


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