I am blessed to be surrounded by friends who love me, and I was reminded of it last night.  I have mentioned the Nutty Knitters, my local knitting group, before in passing, but I’ve never talked about just how important they are to me before.

While I worked on Nutkin and each on their respective knitting projects, our conversations strayed to our families and our spouses and children.  We cuddled baby Noah, we ate brownies and drank tea and coffee, friends made themselves at home in my kitchen (my hostessing ability leaves something to be desired…I remind people to make themselves at home!), and we fondled our newest purchases and projects.

And last night, before the last two stragglers left (and even at 11:30 I was sad to see them go), my friend Anne said, “When are you leaving?  We’re going to miss you!”

And that’s when it really struck me that I have made Harrogate my home.

I’ve thought before about people that I will miss when we move home next year, but this was the first time that I realized that maybe, just maybe, people here will miss me too.

It’s a wonderful feeling, being surrounded by the family you have made.

All because of knitting and Ravelry.

And of course, a shared obsession with Namaste.


4 thoughts on “Surrounded

  1. I feel the same about our lovely group, I love that I have a group of people who I can relax with, who I can laugh with, and with whom I feel at home, in a town where I have lived for 10 years, now I finally feel like there is a place for me here.


  2. Now Kelly, you shouldn’t be surprised – I know I’m not. You’re a good friend!

    And with regard to that picture. . . I think I will have to take up knitting, even if only to get one of those simply adorable knitting handbags. LOVE THEM!

  3. Well written & said Kelly. Its a long time since I have friends that were just ‘my’ friends, not our friends or folk from work. Ravelry has knit with more than yarn I think.

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