Tuscan Knitting

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a holiday in Tuscany if I hadn’t been knitting.  And when I wasn’t knitting, I was reading about knitting in The Friday Night Knitting Club.  In fact, I came home and haven’t knit a stitch in 36 hours…dare I say I am even a little “knitted out”?


While in Tuscany I knit 3 socks, 1 Evangeline fingerless mitten, and I finished my shawl!  Whew!

Take a look at some of the knitting I did while on holiday in Italy.

Not Exactly Nutkin, at Monteriggioni

Not Exactly Nutkin, at our Tuscan Villa during a Hailstorm!

One Completed Not Exactly Nutkin Sock

Terracotta Floor Socks

My Little Arrowhead Shawl, our balcony

Completed Little Arrowhead Shawl

Whew!  What a lot of knitting.  I can’t show the mittens, because they are part of a swap gift!  But they are super cute (did I just say “super cute”?).

Now that I’m home I have two in a half weeks before I head to the states.  In that time I’d like to finish the left side of Arwen (haven’t I said that before?) and finish up the second Nutkin sock and second mitten.  I’m also planning to write up the pattern for the socks I designed, and publish them here on the blog by the end of the week.

Hopefully I’ll get some knitting time, in between cleaning, unpacking, repacking, a visit from my cousin Allison (yay!), and writing.

I’m sure I can make some.


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