Off we go.  Bright and early tomorrow morning my family and I will head to the airport, where we’ll wing our way to Italy, then drive two hours out into the Tuscan countryside to stay at the villa we’ve let for two glorious weeks.

We are praying for a suitcase that gets in under the weight limit, good weather, safe and easy travel, happy children, and relaxation.

It’s not too much to ask for, is it?

While I’m there I am going to finish knitting a shawl, hopefully knit a pair of socks, and even read a bit (The Friday Night Knitting Club, of course!). Most of it overlooking vineyards and sipping Chianti in the Tuscan countryside.

See you in two weeks!


3 thoughts on “Arrivederci!

  1. Don’t forget you can knit on the plane too! I start fidgeting after a few minutes so I am never without a little knitting project.

    Have a wonderful time! Don’t forget to take pictures.

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